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My notepad and Diary

This experiment started after spending to much time not using a notepad at work mostly because i could never find anything after i wrote it and because half the time i couldn't read it anyway.

This notepad documents my work on open source and other projects that i do in my spare time plus whatever else i need to remember, much of this site is features i'd like added to various open source projects that i'll implement oneday if i get the time, if you want to implement them you should.


  • openSUSEe - Enlightenment and openSUSE packaging work
  • hiset - Multiple history files
  • variety - Wallpaper changer
  • notes - Maintaining this system
  • website - maintaining
  • personal - stuff I need to keep track of that's personal you shouldn't be able to read this


  • Will make this better
  • 6/7
    • created wiki
    • e-themes-transient Work on dialog border
    • ran sgb build
      • efl and elementary have been fixed


  • Holidays
    • Variety Version
    • Fix and push enlightenment themes
    • push e20 to tumbleweed
    • Desk Sanity
    • fix the factory pattern to install lightdm properly
    • talk to factory list re setting Network manager as default
    • update this list
  • todo while compiling
    • Fix categories in blog
    • update efl and push everything to openSUSE Factory
    • look at upstreaming xdg-utils
    • Update to be packaged on enlightenment portal
    • show obs requests on wiki todo
    • Enlightenment Themes Add check for imagemagick convert + other required tools to the script
  • sgb - Check github is up to date
  • ~ test brightness and backlight with different sessions running
  • Rename Prefer applications to “Filter Desktop Specific Applications”
    • Check that enlightenment profiles set this setting to X-Enlightenment
  • Don't ship upstream profiles by default, they miss to much
  • go through wizard
    • write wiki page
    • remove unwanted pages
    • trial a profile without backlight / battery and check they get added if they should
    • List of currently open bugs
  • Upstream enlightenment remove bashisums patch (efl as well)
  • Test openSUSE variety package on testbox and suggest for factory
  • setup remote desktop to test machine
  • ~ Upstream Variety
  • Go through emails and add to todos
  • Add patches to notes wiki
    • Add todo's to pages properly
    • Add backlinks everywhere
    • Add Diary
    • Add Activity everywhere
    • blog links
  • hiset - Fix colon in history, possible better help - embed 1 file
  • ecolorchanger - start and finish
  • check last sgb build
  • SUSEStudio image with enlightenment
  • Regen terminology openSUSE-oliveleaf Theme
  • Terminology, move split images etc into elm and use them through the icon theme
  • Variety - Get Icons to follow fdo standards
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